Founder & Director: Portal Imagery

Thomas Norman runs a boutique video production business that specialises in creating films and animation that tell stories and bring ideas to life. He believes that by creating compelling video, a window of deep communication is opened that builds powerful connections with prospects, clients, customers or staff.

“Sold films to US production company at 15 years old”

His business journey started when he was a teen, making YouTube videos with a couple of friends. Their videos were soon spotted by an American production company, and they were paid to make films around action/horror scripts they were sent. Being offered a few hundred dollars to make action films was a dream come true to him.

“Ran a successful YouTube channel with over 350,000 views”

After a few years of continuing to create YouTube videos on his own, Thomas’s videos began averaging in tens of thousands of views, with one in particular getting well over 200,000. When exciting opportunities started to arise to create films and animations for businesses, he founded Portal Imagery.

“Helps clients win game-changing deals with large UK corporates”

Since Portal Imagery have been in operation, they have created videos that have been used in high pressure pitches to help clients win pivotal deals with some of the largest corporations in the UK. The secret to using video successfully is to have a clear purpose. It should aim to do just two things:

  1. Build a connection
  2. Achieve an outcome

If you know your target audience then you can build a connection with them. Once you’ve built that then you can work out how to go about using it to achieve the outcome you want. Joining these dots is a creative process Thomas loves.

“Works with top global branding agencies”

He works with and has spoken at top global branding agencies to help them deliver powerful video in their campaigns, and consults them in their own and their client’s marketing strategies.

“Implements video marketing for prestigious universities”

Thomas has also produced videos for Top-20 globally ranking universities to help them engage more prospective students online.

“Works with international clients”

Portal Imagery’s client base has now grown internationally and they have created videos for clients in multiple languages.

To get in touch with Thomas for consulting, video production or speaking requests please click here.

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